Government Control

In the novel Fahrenheit 451, there is an unbelievable amount of government control in order to have their citizens live the way they want them to. In the novel, books are a symbol of knowledge and the government wants to supress the amount of knowledge that the average person can contain. So they make firefighters start fires in order to burn these books, rather then stop fires like their name suggests “fire fighters“. This extreme use of power by the government is also present in the novel The Chrysalids, where children that are born different from the norm are exterminated without a chance to even prove that they deserve to live. This excesive use of power by the government has caused some doubt within characters that belong to their designated novels. With this doubt, the characters now have some motivation to discover what exactly happened in the past that made these rules neccessary. Ultimately, within these dystopic novels both governments took their power too far and destroyed important parts of their culture, whether it be people or simply books. In order to get away from such a depressing society they must limit the governments power and let these important parts of their culture be re-introduced to the average citizen.

By: Brad Ward


~ by intothefire1414 on June 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Government Control”

  1. What do you think is the key then for Montag to escape from government control?

    • i think that the key for Montag is to explore the past. Knowledge and the past are one of the fiew things that are not permitted and i believe that if he discovers the secrets of the past than he can send the government system crashing to the ground. And not only will he have freed himself, he would have freed everybody else in the world as well.

  2. Why do they want supressed knowledge in Fahrenheit 451? Is is because they are trying to hide something?

    And with your other book the Chrysalids how do they classify a child as being different? In our book they get rid of babies if they have a physical disorder that can be seen, is it the same in this situation?

    • The novel hasn’t stated why they want supressed knowledge yet, however, they due to how the societal structure is messed up i can only asume that teh supressed knowledge is to stop citizens from realizing how thier lives should be lived, as well as the fact that they should have a choice in how they live.

      In the Chrysalids if the baby does not have all the normal features of a human (2 eyes, nose mouth, 5 toes & fingers etc.), then they are seen as mutants that could change a bloodline and polute society. However, rather then killing them like they do in your novel these so called mutants are often sent to the “fringes” where they must fend for themselves and find a way to survive.

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