Within Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, the main character, Guy Montag, could be easily juxtaposed with many other minor characters in the novel. These characters especially include the Captain Beatty, Mildred, and Faber. Montag exhibits similar characteristics to Captain Beatty and to the old man, Faber. Although, Montag’s wife, Mildred, could not be more different from Montag. Montag and Captain Beatty are alike because they both possess a desire to discover the unknown. They defy the law by stealing books from the houses they are supposed to burn. The difference is that Beatty surrendered to the pressures of the society and gave up his selfish ways. Whereas, Montag takes his acquired ability further and continues his search for the truth. This desire for knowledge is much like Faber’s.  It took the influences of Montag in order for Faber to build the courage and strength to break the law and possess and read a book. Just as it was the girl, Clarisse, who influenced Montag initially. It is the bible that was being hidden by Faber and Montag. While discussing the failing and deteriorating society with Montag, Faber says, “Christ is one of the ‘family’ now. I often wonder if God recognizes His own son the way we’ve dressed him up, or is it dressed him down? He’s a regular peppermint stick now…” Faber is beginning to reveal history to Montag. It is becoming evident that some people are not meant to be identical. Faber and Montag are similar characters and Faber’s realizations foreshadow further conclusions on Montag’s behalf. Montag’s wife, Mildred, is unlike any of the characters previously mentioned. She is the stereotypical citizen in the dystopic society in Fahrenheit 451. She abides by the law and is controlled completely by the forces of the government. Beatty, Clarisse, Faber, and Montag, are rebels in the book, but in this situation, they are also symbols of hope and restoration.

Meghan T


~ by meghan66 on June 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Juxtaposition”

  1. So in this town… everyone has to be the same? Like if your different and question things (like in the movie) your punished?

    • Aly, in Fahrenheit 451, if you’re simply curious and question things you aren’t punished for it as long as to don’t resort to books to find your answers. They just aren’t allowed to read, because it’s an attempt by the government o equalize all education levels.

  2. Speaking of Montag’s wife, although she obeys the rules and submits to the government’s authority is she really happy?

    • I believe that Montag’s wife, Mildred, believes she is happy, when in actuality, she isn’t. She is happy and content when she is with her “family” in the parlour walls. She is able to laugh and converse with her friends. But, as I mentioned in my blog on government control, the citizens are ignorant, Mildred included. She does not realize how much more satisfying her life could be, if she were to experience thought provoking experiences. Her life revolves around her dependence on technology. If she were to experience other matters, she would realize she could be potentially a lot happier.

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