Dystopic Movie Similarities

Within the novel Fahrenheit 451, the main character Montag is faced with a life that he has no power over. Montag is being controlled by his employers, his community and even his spouse. The modern society has created a new way of life that is expected to be followed. This extremely oppressive society enforces these new laws in order to get the desired reactions from the citizens. This situation is similar to the dystopic film called The Island, directed by Michael Bay shows similar characteristics to my dystopic novel. In the movie the clones are created for a purpose; to make money; and are used as if they are disposable. This is similar to the novel becasue of how everybody in the story is given a role in society, and as soon as they are useless they are removed by the police and taken off to jail. Also in the movie there are authority figures who control the clones in order to stop any chance of uprising or opinions. This is like how the firefighters burn all the books in their society, which stops individuals from reading about the past and how society should be, which could lead to indiviuals own personal opinions. A final example of these oppressive communities is how they both use technologies to decieve the citizens that are living within the communities. The Island does this by using the lottery and the hologram simulator to make the clones feel as if they are survivars, rather then people being farmed and held in an old military base underground. Similarly the citizens in Fahrenheit 451 are being brainwashed by their wall tv’s and are ultimately being blinded by what is going on around them and how everything is operating so poorly. Ultimately, with oppressive societys where the authorities control who does what, and those in power blind the characters from their true intentions, the characters are being held onto by a tight leash and in order to see the truth in their situations they need to break free of that hold and follow their own paths that can lead them to the truth.



~ by intothefire1414 on June 13, 2010.

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