Protagonist Rebellion

In my dystopic novel Fahrenheit 451, Montag is the protagonist that we meet. Montag feels like a normal citizen in his society for a certain time. However, after meeting Clarisee Montag questions his purpose in his job, his relationship, and more importantly his life. As he is working on a job he comes across a women who is willing to be burned alive with her books, which makes Montag think about what makes him so different from this women who is willing to sacrifice her life for books. Montag becomes extrememly interested in what lurk behind the coves of these books and he decides to keep some. Montag is then given an ultimatum from his boss where he can spend a night reading, but he must turn the books in the next day. After spending the night reading Montag realizes how much society is missing, and when there is a call to burn his house the next day becasue there are books he feels an immense amount of betrayal. Out of this pain that he feels towards his wife for turning him in Montag kills his captain and manages to grab one of his stashed books. He then goes on the run and tries to escape the metal hound by destroying it. However, the city just sends another hound loose on his heels. Montag got an ingenious idea to float down river and have the hound loose his trail. Once this is done Montag meets up with other people on the run. Each person has memorized a book and they wish to re-print them. Then all of a sudden the runaways watch as the city is bombed to the ground. All of a sudden these criminals are the survivors, and have the chance they wanted to re-create books and re-introduce them into society.



~ by intothefire1414 on June 16, 2010.

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  1. Now that you mention it – what do you think about Bradbury’s creation of the hound? in terms of theme? character? or literary technique.

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