Playing a large part in dystopic novel genre would be the issue of morals. In both Fahrenheit 451 and Anthem there are a series of moral boundaries that have either disappeared, or strengthened for the worst. Fahrenheit 451 has numerous moral boundaries broken leaving people miserable, and denying them freedom. The government has censored books for the purpose of creating equality among society, but this also creates a lack of freedom for the people, and a technology centered world means that the government and media start to gain control over the public through the television and radio as people are always plugged into their ‘seashells’ listening to news from the city. The large focus on the television also leaves people impatient and seeking action. As told near the end of the novel, when the Hound had lost Montag’s trail the police themselves turned it on an unsuspecting pedestrian, claiming it was Montag and not clearly showing the man’s face, which gives the television broadcast a finale. This gives the watchers what they want to see, a finish to the chase rather than admitting they had lost the trail of the man being pursued. The truth was avoided for the purpose of entertainment. This is an example of a horror element in the futuristic corrupt society. There are many other boundaries broken, by a decrease and change in laws. It is stated that people are allowed to travel by car at any speed, and there are a greater number of murders, killings, and suicide. The loss of these morals is what creates the setting of Fahrenheit 451 as a dystopic society. The main moral issue present in Anthem is the lack of freedom, and how the government has denied people the right to choose their own path. This was done as a method to treat every person equal to prevent one person from being seen more intelligent or valuable above others. In this case the moral barriers have been strengthened in a way that makes everyone equal, but they are denied preference and freedom so it really becomes more immoral, opposite of the original intention.


~ by sarahswe on June 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Morals”

  1. In your novel do they sensor what the viewers see on the tv? Like do they show the people that rebel on the tv?

    • They do show people who rebel on the television, as a way to assure people that these rebels will be brought to justice. In the novel the media keeps focus around Montag as he attempts to flee, but when they lose his trail they have to finish the broadcasting quickly or else viewers lose interest. So the first person they find out walking they claim to be Montag and he ends up killed by the Mechanical Hound. They would show something like this to create fear and control so fewer people would rebel.
      I would imagine that other television programs would also be censored, but it was never actually stated in the novel.

  2. Oh yeah my novel did that too, showed people being brought so justice to avoid more people rebelling and showing them the consequences

    • It seems The Handmaid’s Tale and Fahrenheit 451 are very similar with the level and types of government controls.

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